25 replies on “CAPITAL ONE: City 2-4 Villa Kolo Toure Reaction”

  1. lmao I couldn’t help but think of that dude in Thor who gaurds that portal thingy on´╗┐ the rainbow bridge ­čśŤ

  2. You made sense there before you mentioned the chelsea game, Chelsea was shocked and battered in that game…you don’t always win the champions league, it was there 1st, any true winner would want the super cup too..and the FIFA club world cup… 4-1? CM winners!!!…atleast go out with´╗┐ respect, the whole of Europe is watching.

  3. so you’re blaming the B team? how stupid.´╗┐ you’re supposed to win games and all that money spent.

  4. no idiot. so atletico beat chelsea´╗┐ does that mean every European is shit ? no reatard.

  5. Lets think about what you just said. You just called the premier league champions shit. if we’re shit what´╗┐ does that make the rest of you.

  6. okay so explain to me how to use ‘your and you’re’ you mongrel silly northerner.´╗┐

  7. well if your this amazing team then winning the mickey mouse cup should be a breeze ? but it wasn’t because city are shit.´╗┐

  8. SHUT´╗┐ THE FUCK UP. I’m a loyal city fan and everyone knows we didn’t give a shit about the capital one cup. like thescarefaceninja said, city are focused on the PL and CL. this dosn’t mean that fans can start given us stick because we lost ONE match. (that we don’t even care about) and lets be honest if we had our full team in that match at top form we would have not let any goals in plus scored more.

  9. Chelsea fans were fuming after that humping by Atletico Madrid (and Falcao) because they got humiliated, and proved they were poor CL winners as Atletico were the Europa winners, if you got to a final´╗┐ i.e in this tournament you’d be pissed if you lost.

  10. You go into these league´╗┐ cup games to keep momentum thats what cup games do, you have to get into a winning habit, and of course, a piece of silverware.

  11. You had Tevez, Dzeko and Balotelli on the pitch, the squad you lot´╗┐ had out there against Villa is a top six squad at least, Man City don’t have a reserve squad practically, and Villa (especially Agbonlahor) spanked you, and lambert obviously got into Mancini’s head.

  12. also You’re= possesive, e.g.? you’re coat, you’re ball, etc. so instead you´╗┐ would use Your= You are, e.g. your gay, etc so your a idiot ­čÖé

  13. Chelsea didnt lose because the trophy is meaningless, they lost because atletico´╗┐ was 1000x better
    Oh and Schitty is a piece of shit in between

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