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  1. Lescott is another overpaid star who has done little to justify his selection at city. Kompany isn’t playing well, so can’t cover for Joleans mistakes every time.

  2. Disagree with Rodwell but I agree with Aguero, would be a perfect chance to regain fitness and I believe Milner is injured.

  3. Don’t think Maicon’s injured.
    My starting lineup:
    Maicon – K. Toure – Nastasic – Kolarov
    Milner – Barry – Rodwell – Sinclair
    Aguero – Balotelli
    Wright, Razak, Suarez, Dzeko, Zabaleta, Lescott, Scapuzzi

  4. Teams give this competition less importance compared to Premier League & Champions League (less prize money, tv revenue, etc). So most top club managers like trying out younger players..

  5. Rodwell for Suarez, Milner for Razak & maybe some more game time for Aguero instead of Dzeko. The others can come in around the hour mark.

  6. I’ve only got into football a few months back so i’m not that good on the differences between the two leagues, so could you explain to me why even if it is a capital one cup game they would lessen the chances of the team?Surely with Joe in goal we’d concede less?

  7. @craigslinger43 It wouldn’t be a decision based on Hart being in bad form. Its because he’s just played yesterday, so have most of the regulars. Pantillimon needs game time too so this is the perfect opportunity

  8. I just hope that Mancini will be careful tomorrow. The team obviously needs rotating however Villa from what I’ve read will play full strength wherever possible so hopefully were not running the risk of being knocked out too early. Perhaps a few regulars on the bench incase things do go wrong?

  9. Maicon’s injured. I think Aguero and Balotelli should start alongside, they both need some game time. Good line-up nonetheless.

  10. Yeah I agree, completely different side:

    Maicon – Kolo – Nastasic – Kolarov
    Sinclair – Suarez – Barry – Razak
    Dzeko - Balotelli

    Something along those lines anyway…

  11. It’s the Capital One Cup… it’ll be a completely different 11 with maybe on Sinclair playing from the starting 11 against Arsenal. Why would Hart play against Villa?

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