City Takes History From Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers was on the verge of making history with Liverpool a few months ago when the team almost managed on securing the Premier League title as they were at the top of the English league for a considerable period of time but after a series of disappointing results, they had to settle with a 2nd place spot as Manchester City leaped ahead of them and claimed the trophy.

A few days ago, the Northern Irish football coach penned a new 4 yearlong contract extension with Liverpool and Kolo Toure is certain that Brendan Rodgers will make the right choices in this summer transfer window as well as the next years in charge of the club in Anfield.

Kolo Toure said: ‘’the manager knows what it takes to go forward better than me, better than anybody. What I saw from this football club this season has been amazing. We have fantastic fans; fantastic players and we work really hard in training every day. This club is amazing and will only get better. This club is a winner and when I came here, I saw that. I’ve seen the dedication, the professionalism of everyone connected with the club and all the staff. It is very well run and next season we are going to be better again. Why not win the Premier League next season? If we do we will deserve it. The manager will want to build in the summer and it is all about getting the best team around you that you can. We don’t lack the motivation at all to win the league and the manager will try to get the best. He knows what he is looking for’’

Kolo Toure has some busy weeks ahead of him as the Premier League season just concluded but the 2014 World Cup is just around the corner and Kolo Toure is one of the high-profile players expected to lead the charge in the defence of Ivory Coast as they have to face off against Japan, Colombia and Greece.