Focus on: Michael Owen

Michael Owen is one of the biggest names in English football and he is also one of the greatest footballers England has produced. He has been a prolific performer for England and he is a very established and successful striker. He has led the English side in the World Cup which is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Michael Owen hails from Chester, England and he is the son of Terry Owen who was an established footballer himself. He was born on the 14th of December 1979. He began playing football at the tender age of 7 years and his knack for the game was spotted by his father and he wanted him to become a professional footballer.

Michael went to the Deeside Primary School and he played soccer at the school level also and then he moved on to Hawarden High school. He has had a very successful amateur career and then he decided to go professional and he then joined the famed English club Liverpool. He enjoyed a very successful stint with Liverpool and he even got selected for the national squad. He has been instrumental in the success of the side and in his very first season with the senior Liverpool side, he became the top scorer in the Premier League and even scored a hat-trick in that opening season. The following 1998-99 season was even better for him and he scored 23 goals in just 40 matches. By this time Michael Owen has become a matured player and he got offers from the other big clubs as well.

Michael Owen has been instrumental in many cup victories for Liverpool especially in the 2000 season when Liverpool won the FA cup and the UEFA cup. In that same season he was also instrumental in defeating Germany as England thrashed Germany 5-1 and Owen scored a hat-trick in that match.

After his stint with Liverpool, he signed Real Madrid for a whopping 8 million pounds but his stint was short and he later moved on to Manchester united. He has often played as a reserve for Manchester United since the side already had some of the best striker in the world playing for them.

Michael Owen will be remembered for his dedication towards the game and his determination more than anything else that helped him win games for his side. He never knew what defeat was and would never give up until the final whistle blew. He has been a prolific performer for England and has been one of the most successful footballers that the country has produced. Liverpool also will be forever indebted to him as the club saw its biggest and most successful season when he was playing for the side. He has also made many important contributions and has scored key goals in important matches for Manchester United as well.

He had also enjoyed a very successful stint with the English club of Newcastle where he was a key figure in the entire line up.