25 replies on “Harry Redknapp mocks Darren Bent and Geoff Shreeves on his Fakebook account*”

  1. it’s not the fact that i don’t get the joke, it’s the fact that it’s not funny and pointless #facepalm

  2. Haha i knew some fucking loser would say that, you not think i didn’t know that? your the ‘#dipshit’

  3. he had a interview with Ivanovic at the CL semis and couldn’t play in the final because he had been booked. Geoff broke the news to him.

  4. when geoff shreeves said “this is better than sex!”, i thought that john terry would dislike the comment!

  5. …and its always nice to see Del Boy and his gang too.I think Arry could take Uncle Alberts place in OFAH pretty good:)

  6. would you PLEASE stop this “this is fake” nonsense FFS!?!
    Oh btw,love the Simba part:):)

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