25 replies on “Joleon Lescott – Cars At Everton”

  1. w8….guys have i seen well or berba is making a tackle in the photo on the
    begging?? daaaaamn i gottta stop drinking!

  2. You’re all mad, because he moved to a better team? I don’t fucking blame
    him….you’re all the worst fans in the world.

  3. @WillemPopShuvit yeah fuck off, no body cares. how was being a chelsea fan
    last year?

  4. @evertonianv I’ve been a Man City fan all my life. But I’d love to see you
    beat man u 6-1. Bye 🙂

  5. It would be funny if you talkin about your team mates but your not you ugly
    faced money grabbin cunt rot in the City reserverves please you sell out.

  6. @WillemPopShuvit If it werent 4 ur investors you would be in the
    championship u little fukn ming

  7. I know a lot of Everton fans who hate Lescott and I did too when he left,
    but to be fair he left for a better team and for more money. Makes sense
    really. If you got offered a better job at a better company for better
    money you would say yes straight away! And he was right as they won the
    league last year and the FA Cup the year before. He didn’t support Everton
    as a boy, so he had no obligations to stay at the club. Just because we
    love Everton doesn’t mean that he does and that he has to stay!

  8. Sad he wanted out of Everton but I think it’s fair to say both sides came
    good! Everton needed the money and got to keep their best fullbacks + got
    an even better replacement with Buzz Lightyear! Lescott got the deal of a
    life time and makes fewer mistakes than most fullbacks at City! England
    would do well to have him and jags pair up again for Euro 2012!

  9. @WillemPopShuvit Respect your fellow premier league teams you fucking

  10. He had a life threatening incident when he was younger, that’s the reason
    for his forehead. Bit harsh all you cunts abusing him

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