26 replies on “joleon lescott the greedy bastard”

  1. @warpfield98 I know he is a twat but to be fair he was injured most of the time at city but I love the look on his face when we beat Shity 😉

  2. £24 million pounds was it? and he has only made 7 appearances this season. what a total waste of money. he is a joke

  3. If I can get a ticket that is, stingy Wembley only giving us 35,000 I think. I heard Everton only got 25,000 for the FA Cup final, thats outrageous.

  4. Lescott and Barry are greedy pigs, loyalty is almost dead, and both are not as good since they went to City.

  5. “i dont give a fuck i want 90 grand a week” XD
    amazing, fucking hate that ugly bastard so much!

  6. nice one mate! my wembly vids where put on bluekipper aswell but i couldn’t find them. have you got the full url?

  7. Top vid mate,coudtnt stop laughing.Got it off Bluekipper…..Go to Shitteh and do fuck all with your career,Ha Ha Ha

  8. can everyone who watches this vid please take the time to let me know how they are finding this vid as i haven’t got the clue how it has become so popular! i know links have been put on bluekipper, nsno and facebook so if you could please let me know the url i would be grateful. thanks for the views, the ratings and the great comments! COYB and fuck joleon with a fat one!

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