Jordan Henderson has been captaining the team for much of the season

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson has been captaining the team for much of the season due to the in and out nature of Steven Gerrard.

Brendan Rodgers has not been relying upon the legendary midfielder match this season. Hence, Henderson has had to fill in as the stand-in captain on more than one occasion. As Gerrard prepares to leave Liverpool permanently in the summer, concerns have been raised about the next captain. Defender Kolo Toure, though, says that Gerrard has taught enough to Henderson to be able to do this tough job.

After having learnt from the master himself,Toure says that Henderson is now ready to take on the mantle of leading Liverpool from here on. It is a far cry from the early days Liverpool for the former Sunderland midfielder. After arriving for £ 16 million, he was heavily criticised for his poor form early on. Yet, he remains as one of the much improved players at Anfield under the regime of Brendan Rodgers. Just as Gerrard gets ready to leave the club,Toure could also be on his way out. The former Arsenal and Manchester City defender is out of contract and there are no signs that Liverpool want to extend it.

“Saying goodbye to Stevie will be tough but the good thing is that there are others who have been learning from him and that will be really helpful.Jordan Henderson has always been really close to Stevie. They are always talking a lot and you can see that Stevie has prepared him well for a long time now. This is a boy who loves to take responsibility. That’s what I like about him, he’s very intelligent. Jordan likes to talk to experienced players and learn, not only on the pitch but off it as well,” said Toure.