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  1. @coolforeveralways It’s not that, Arsenal needs to make a profit you see? so if Arsenal keeps them in too long and doesn’t sell them, they make no profit. Arsene is genius, He sells players when he thinks Arsenal will make most profit out of it. Some times he might not be getting the maximum profit for Arsenal, but it still works well.

  2. @BriansTubeAccount Lol, Chelsea much? he found wellshere, he found nasri, he found fabregas, he found van persi, he found arshavin, he found chamack.
    chelsea’s time is almost up I believe.. your drogba, lampard,john terry, and anelka are getting old.

  3. @BriansTubeAccount We don’t great players to win !! football is a team game and we play great as a team

  4. We are third in the premier league (with a game in hand, if we win it we will be 1 point away from 1st place)

    You just make me laugh by saying his time is up….do you know that ur club, chelsea, is in so much debt because of all the buying? unlike you, Arsenal are actually making profit….the only debt we are in is because we built a new stadium….other than that we are better financially than every other premier league club

  5. Wengers time is up!
    Arsenal fans must give up on him.

    1. Adebayor is gone

    2. Arshavin -LEFT MID? WTF He can do great things in front of goal.

    3. Kolo Toure is Irreplaceble.

    4. Lass Diarra, Flamini, Hleb, Silva, Henry are all irreplaceble as well

    5. He is just strengthening Manchester City

    6. He is not replacing the players sold.

    (coming from a Chelsea fan)

  6. lol..I question why people always make it as if you have to be a good shooter or attacker in order to be a great player! He is a defender fook sake! Should be displaying his defensive quality instead!:)

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