The American striker of Los Angeles Galaxy Landon Donovan was being heavily linked with a loan deal and return to Everton that would be done in January but the veteran players shut down those rumors as he confirmed that via twitter.

“I will not be going on loan’’ as Donovan said that he needs to rest and prepare himself for 2014 which will be hectic and busy according to him.

Rumors and reports also emerged suggesting the 31 years old forward that the MX club Atlas was considering on bringing him to Mexico but Donovan had other things in mind as he said in twitter.

“I never say never but I will not be playing in Mexico. Except for playing in TJ to beat them’’. “Donovan said as he went on to talk about the rumors that were linking him to Mexico.

Even at his 31 years of age Donovan still has plenty more to offer in his football career but he is also working on a backup plan when his days of playing in the pitch reach an end. Donovan went on to try broadcasting as he joined Fox Sports’ regular studio team as he took on the role of being a guest analyst for the network’s coverage of the UEFA Champions League.

Donovan spoke his mind about the teams that are fighting it out in the European competition and he is really taking into consideration taking a permanent position or has a more intimate role in the world of broadcasting.

Being a player with such a long career that saw Donovan going from Germany to United States, from the MLS to the Bundesliga, he can provide a better understanding of players and clubs and at the same time staying close to football, is one of the main reasons why Donovan wants to take broadcasting up when his soccer career eventually comes to an end.