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  1. Did I claim to know everything? Does it hurt to know that I know more about your star player than you do? I really wasn’t complaining about your players, as a matter of fact, if it were up to me I would encourage Suarez to continue embarrassing L’pool and adding to his despicable reputation. I never claimed United players were perfect/ don’t dive, so you really don’t have a point. I can assure you I don’t worry about your players or your club, they provide amusement just like some of its fans.

  2. Haha you really are a twat. Typical protestant twat who “knows everything”. Funny how you regularly complain about Liverpool players, (like baconface) suppose that’s because Man U is perfect, no divers or anything. Maybe like Baconface you should support your own team and stop worrying about other players. Manc scumbag.

  3. Erm, I don’t know if you noticed, but you pushed your snout into a conversation I was having with another poster. How precious could you be responding to my messages and then have a whine when I return the favor? In case you didn’t notice the video references one of our players…is it my fault you boys choose to turn a blind eye to what is happening with Suarez? Just because it doesn’t reflect well on your player doesn’t mean it’s rubbish, maybe like Suarez you should engage those loose marbles

  4. Jesus, it’s like every video I go, there you seem to be following me. Go away and try to support your own team they’ll need it. I think you should be concentrating on more things than just speaking rubbish like someone from the media. Sickening prick.

  5. He doesn’t you say? So why is he vilified in the media? Must I continue to educate you about the star player of the team you claim to support? Or are you like some Pool fans burying your head in the sand? Suarez does have a reputation which for the most part he has contributed to gaining, a la CR7. What he hasn’t done however is to try to remove it. Instead he seems insistent on doing silly things which end up hurting Pool and him.

  6. He doesn’t have much of a reputation to “clean up” and “so theatrically”? Get a life would you. Concentate on your own team

  7. He wasn’t advised to go down so theatrically, as he is trying to clean up his reputation. Regardless of whether Rooney does it or not doesn’t take away from the fact that Suarez has a reputation and he should look to clean it up instead of making it worse. I would say most if not all of the punishments he got, he deserved, and if he keeps on doing ill-advised things, then he’ll get what is due him. It is time he engages his brain a la CR7 @ Man United

  8. Well if it was outside the box it would have been a free which everyone admits but I’m not sure was that enough, maybe there wasn’t enough contact to go down but does that mean that players aren’t going to go down? I’ve seen Rooney do it in the refs face.. And that was nothing really… I think you have a real problem if you think he should be punished for that after the harsh punishments he has already recieved

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