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  1. @JoshRobertson142 My point exactly, he is a black man that is clearly playing about so if he decides to Nigga thats on him that doesn’t excuse a man from another race saying it. Im a Liverpool fan but if this stuff about Suarez is true i hope he gets dealt with accordingly. Evra is wrong to make light of the word but because he is making light of it its ok for other races too?

  2. It’s people like him though who condemn their own race by using derogatory words like this, he’s a role model for millions of young children and for all of france, as well as man utd fans. If he’s using a term like this in jest then he can’t complain if it gets said to him in the ‘wrong’ way.

  3. @vincesantiago You’re fat* If you’re going to troll. Do it so you made sure beforehand, you’re absolutely safe from an easy comeback.

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  4. @JoshRobertson142 you don’t get it do you…. read the description of the video for help.

  5. Suarez used a term that’s acceptable in his culture, a term that I doubt Evra has even heard of, if anything it’s Evra that’s being intolerant. That being said, we wouldn’t be hearing anything about this if Man Utd had won that game 😉

  6. @FiringOnAllCylinders fuck you, piece of trash. even Suarez said, it doesn’t mean he is racist. Evra said that word too. negrito is not a racism word. anyway, go to fuck yourself. asshole

  7. @KopTalkOfficial You JUST said when you get older and mature, this was 2003 over 7 years ago, maybe Evra has matured and realised this was a silly video?

  8. @Carfer22 It is relevant because someone who can scream “fuck all you niggas” to the world should hardly take offence to being called “negrito”. It shows his complete disregard for the sensitivity of a racial slur. It’s OK for him to call the entire world “niggas” but for some one to say something to him, it’s offensive?

  9. @Carfer22 that video is relevant because it shows him using the N word, Evra use the fully offensive N word.

  10. @Carfer22 that’s the thing that term he was using was not a racial slur even though it sounds very similar to the N word it has completely different connotations

  11. @FiringOnAllCylinders so rather than refute what i said, the first thing you do is call me a knobhead? well it certainly shows your maturity level, so tell me something, if its so offensive why does hernandex, one of evra’s teammates use the same term? hmm… let me think, because its a common non offensive term in south america. Do i think Suarez should have said it?no, but seeing as he isnt even european or a native english speaker i honestly do not believe it was meant in a derogatory way.

  12. @KopTalkOfficial Suarez is in England and he has to adapt to our culture, just as Evra and every other player has to. Suarez can’t use his ethnic cultural background as a justification for using racist language - if he did use racial terms. Suarez was in England, at Anfield, being watched by millions of people. He was a representative of the English game. If he used racial labels then we have to tackle it on the basis of our culture, not his.

  13. @FEARTHENOX not good… Evra’s a clown but he still doesn’t deserve to be racially abused by anyone.

  14. @MagicCantona typical of you to jump on the band wagon and not read into the facts, in your next comment please type to me the facts of this case, and we will see what us “deluded” supporters are up against……….

  15. @Carfer22 Evra is using a term that is acceptable for him to use in his eyes because of his ethnicity which is what Suarez is claiming he was doing (it would seem). If Suarez intentionally rabused Evra then of course he should be dealt with.

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