25 replies on “Patrice Evra taking a dig at Luis Suarez: Biting inflatible hand”

  1. At the end of the day even though we missed out on the title, i would
    rather play champions league football than be United who are stuck in mid
    table :)

  2. calling man united a mid table club when you scouse cunts have finished 7th
    and 6th in the last few fucking seasons you fucking nobheads

  3. Just as much to blame as suarez. Petulant immature man thinking hes dome
    kind of gods gift.

  4. What suarez did was stupid and inexcusable. Liverpool handled all his
    incidents with class and resolve. Had they shiped him off, the epl wont be
    asfun today. Look who’s lnot aughing now (clue : they’re in 8th place last
    i saw.)

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