26 replies on “Patrice Evra – We Love Mad Pat”

  1. @xabii22alonsoo and u made a huge one, u fucking dribbler. a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing go and play in the sand read a few books watch a few football games, find out wa positions people play in then leave a comment

  2. @kevin084life chivu’s age is getting up there, alves is a better attacker (evra has him on the defensive side), and unlike ashley cole people like evra as a human being lol jkjk

  3. @owenj25 He’s not the best left back in the world. What about Ashley Cole, Daniel Alves (can play both right and left back) or Christian Chivu.

  4. @TontoSilvaHeels I know more than you , you fucking troll, gtfo everyone makes mistakes.

  5. @xabii22alonsoo maicon LB haha shows how much u know about football u fucking dick

  6. @xabii22alonsoo maicon is RB ………. and maicon play like a shit in this seson …. he play very well because he have mourinho and mou know how to play with a weak player like maicon and chivu

  7. WTF from 1:49 on the Chinese at the top of the video says how to arouse a woman via touch and increase the period of sexual intercourse LOLOL

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