25 replies on “PREVIEW: Joleon Lescott previews Cardiff game”

  1. You’re probably going to support Chelsea soon, since they’re favourites…

  2. eat ur words u arrogant prick we avnt got ur quality never probably will u
    lost cos like ur team u thought u could just turn up and win, by the way
    none of ur substitute players acknowledge their own supporters says it all,
    I hope u win the league cos I despise man u

  3. Good to see Lescott back in action. He was pretty solid last Monday. Let’s
    hope he isn’t a mistake waiting to happen!

  4. He’s saying they’re a good team and it will be a hard game because it will
    make city’s win look better, or should they draw or lose (yeah right) it
    will at least look a little more normal if people think they were a good

  5. wellyheads shit, hes got no technique and hes slow as barry.. manuel knows
    it plus wellyhead more interested in his shit clothin range that looks like
    run dmc rip offs.. decent guy but shit centre back almost lost us the
    league in 2012 aswell

  6. I’m truly sorry for your loss. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a quality
    player to replace him sometime in the future.

  7. I still cant come to terms with the departure of sinclair the amount of
    goals he would of got this season, i just dont think man city will be the
    same again….

  8. Please City sacks these wimpy negative interviewers I would love them to
    time into the positive vibe instead of ‘who it’s a worry what we gonna do
    about Cardiff’ 1968 there was none of this rubbish get on message
    interviewers Pelligrini and the team will be organised and they will
    certainly best Cardiff

  9. Everyone says it will be a tough game. They’re just being polite I think. 😛

  10. Man City are gonna absolutely DESTROY the shit out of Cardiff! We beat them
    2-0 last week and they looked so poor so i think Lescott is wrong by saying
    a tough opponent

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