25 replies on “Running Man Ep 154 [Eng Sub]: Park Ji Sung, Patrice Evra, Sulli of F(x)!”

  1. I laughed a little to hard at kwang soo’s frog facexD hahaha it’s just too

    I’m a bit sad gary didnt get to participate since he does so well at the
    games but I suppose its a good thing he didn’t go since he tends to get too
    nervous when the actual game comesxD 

  2. omg when i realized Xiumin and Minho were there too i was like *mindblowned*
    but too bad we didnt get to see them play… well of course not, running
    man crew wouldnt film them cuz they not on running man..

  3. 53:54 The most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen on Kwang Soo this episode
    LOLL <3 Oppa Fighting~ 

  4. This episode was deabak! My favorite episodes so far were the ones park ji
    sung was in the last time,i think it was 96 and 97, and now these two
    episodes are my favorites too. The last part when they were playing soccer
    omg i thought i am gonna die from nervousness lol. Jae Suk was awesome, and
    others too. Park Ji Sung is my favorite guest, i love his personality, and
    soccer skills. Please RM bring him back again!! <3

  5. What happened to Kim Jong Kook after he came out? I didn’t see him after
    that. O.o

  6. OH MY GOODNESS. I had no idea Minho and Xiumin appeared in this episode
    omfg I just saw two familiar faces when they showed Kwangsoo, Haha, and Jae
    Suk at the benches and I was like “Wow those two really look like Minho and
    Xiumin…” and they were actually there wow 

  7. the free kick photo shoot game was hilarious! I don’t know why they keep
    joking kwang soo looks old. I mean he really does not to me at least…..

  8. I noticed that the number on Kwang Soo’s jersey is 42 and at the beginning
    Evra said that he looked 42. Wonder if it was a coincidence or if it was on
    purpose. Also, we didn’t see Jong Kook at all after he was switched out of
    the game. I think that he was feeling really bad about missing his aim with
    the ball and missing passes. He looked really disappointed and kind of sad.
    I wonder if he was feeling down or if he had to leave early for some kind
    of appointment? Either way, they did great! For some reason this episode
    made me kind of emotional, I think it’s just because I feel so proud of the
    RM members for doing so well out there in front of so many people and with
    so many famous players. They were amazing. Running Man, hwaiting!

  9. asian people look young than american thats why he guess sukjin’s age is
    38. but kwangsoo because his height he looks old lol.
    look at 17:13 i think i know whay he asked and laughed lolol . gosh i
    really don’t care with the other guest except MU brothers (before evra left
    xD) Ji sung Evra!!!

  10. I don’t know why but i cracked up laughing so hard when HaHa was like “his
    face is so small”

  11. This was really great episode from start to finish. I was so happy for
    Kwang Soo. He was cool for 80% of the episode. Both of the guests were

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