Michel Salgado, defender for the Premier League side Blackburn Rovers, is contemplating to move to LA Galaxy, the team that took David Beckham out of the European footballing community.

To further his negotiations, Salgado travelled to the United States recently claiming that he was being left out of matches because if he made nine more appearances for the club, they would be required to renew his contract – something lackburn appear unwilling to do.

The ex-Real Madrid defender has been named in the 25 man squad for the Blackburn Rovers, but it is evident that he no longer wishes to play for Steve Kean’s side again.  He was recently declared to be match-fit, but has been constantly kept off the field after the team’s loss to Sunderland on the 21st of December last year.

This is being done at Ewood Park because the management wishes to rid itself of the burden of high-profile players who earn huge wages. The team’s finances are clearly under duress and this move, however objectionable, will reduce the stress on their finances. The fans aren’t happy with the club’s approach, and the team’s performances haven’t been particularly great either.

When the team’s manager, Steve Kean was approached and asked to comment on the issue of Michel Salgado, all he offered was that the management had allowed Salgado to travel to the United States to talk about his future plans with LA Galaxy and that the talk had been fairly productive.

Salgado has won countless trophies, both in Spain for Real Madrid, and also in europe, where he has won the Betfair UEFA Europa League and the Champions League, again with Real. He would be a star in the MLS.

Other members of the Blackburn team are also being reported as having fallouts with the team management over the issue of money. The Venkys family which owns and runs the team said that a yearly capital injection of GBP 3 to 5 million would be enough to sustain the team, which some commentators have dismissed as wishful thinking.

Old contracts are expected to be torn up and new ones drawn up. The captain of the side, Christopher Samba, is also expected to make a move to the United States soon – basically anybody who has a chance of playing international football this summer is being moved on because they are too expensive. The latest Euro 2012 betting odds reckon that there could be as many as five Blackburn players at the Euros this summer.