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  1. One of the most underrated strikers in the world, but one of the best in the premiership and in the world.

  2. @matt61234666

    Caliing a woman a faggot.

    Do you feel clever and important after writing that . DId your parents ignore you as a child and for revenge you go on the internet abusing people behind your keyboard all sticky from watching internet porn before mummy gets home from working the streets. Why don’t you do something useful with your life, and look for your dad on a street corner or something.


    BENT £18MIL



  5. why would u want him in your team? he misses more than he scores and is just an allround cunt who will leave when offered more money, 24 million for him? villa are mugs and sunderland are laughing!

  6. @Vojskovoda Never a truer word said! Mr potato head has a history for fucking his teams over, wait till blackpool come callingn 😉

  7. @MMAC0RE Hate to bang on about the past but, HAVE YOU WON THE EUROPEAN CUP EUROPEAN CUP EUROPEAN CUP?!!! No, is the short answer, or no and a description as to why i shouldn’t mention it. Stop getting in a mess because your star striker chose to play at a better club than yours, give what excuse you like, but he’s scoring the goals for us, and loving every one of them! UTV SOTS!

  8. ………I’m saying you’re no bigger than us, they’re is 2 big teams in England Man Utd and Liverpool you’re a medium sized club just like us.

  9. @Vojskovoda Embarrased myself? Big clubs fight for titles not relegation how many times does your thick brain need to be told? If you’re a big club why are you on the wrong end of the the league, the league never lies you stupid bastard. Chelsea aren’t a big club they’re a small team with a lot of money at the minute, that’s all and I’m not saying a big stadium makes a big club I’m saying for a city your size yours and Birminghams fan base is shit! I’m not saying Sunderland is bigger…….

  10. @MMAC0RE Oh dear, you’ve embarrassed yourself.

    Villa have finished above Sunderland 35 times out of the last 36 seasons. Bent know’s we’re a bigger club, stadium size has nothing to do with it. Does that mean Sunderland are bigger than Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Tottenham just because they’ve got a bigger stadium? Yea u dumbass.

    Don’t worry, Brucie will leave just like Bent when a bigger club want him as manager!

  11. @IHeartThisVidxD 1 million citizens in Birmingham and you can’t fill 42,000 I rest my case son, we’ve been up and down the leagues and we still get better attnedances than you, pipe me you cunt!

  12. @Vojskovoda Success is based on by what is happening now not back when god was a nipper, you’re well behind us, and you cant fill 42,000 in a city that must have over a million people, what does that say about your shit fans? If you want to live in the past go for it, we don’t we’re looking to the future, and finishing higher than you in the league, who’s the better team if that happens? I rest my case.

  13. @villa1246 thats all in the past soft cock wake up man its 2011 and your struggling like fuck at the bottom,why are ya struggling,i will tell you,because your shite simple as that.safc 6th off top.i rest my case.now fuck off you plastic brummie.

  14. @Knoch10
    You can always tell if a club is doing shie if their fans are giving history lessons. Now in 2011 you’re relegation candidates ie you’re shit

  15. Welcome To The Club That Created The Game,
    The Peerless Aston Villa Football Club,
    The ORIGINAL Greatest Football Club In The World.

  16. @MMAC0RE So does that mean Sunderland are bigger than Everton and Liverpool now because they’re above them in the league for the first time in ages? Sunderland big club my arse 1 trophy in the last 38 years and it’s the first time you’ll probably finish in the top half of the Premier League for over a decade. Villa have won it all, 4th most succesful club in England and we’re the 5th best team since the Premier League started. How many times have you finished above Villa?

    Our ground is 42,000

  17. Funny how Sunderland fans think they’re a bigger club when this year will be the first time they finish above us in a long time. We’ll be back where we belong soon in the top 6 and either way Sunderland’s history is NOTHING compared to Villa. UTV

  18. all you sunderland fans are hilarious calling yourselves bigger than villa! yes we are below you but your bragging about being in the top six and the season hasnt finished yet, pipe down, finish up there for a few seasons, win some trophies then come back to us, small timers!

  19. @MMAC0RE Hang on are you disputing Villa being a bigger club than sunderland? PAHA, just ask Darren Bent what he thinks son, you know your top scorer last season?

  20. Ah sorry well you get 35,000 then for a big game, you’re resting on history something that happened years ago, but like I said big clubs fight for titles, you’re in a relegation fight, let’s see him live up to his price tag, because I’ll guarantee it your fans will be on his back big time and he’ll be back on twitter whinging for a move, enjoy your relegation fight.

  21. @MMAC0RE Our ground is 42,500 and you might want to check what we get a week its 40000 there or abouts!

    We are the 4th most successful english team of all time, have won 7 top flights, 7 Fa cups, 5 league cups, 1 european cup, 1 supercup ect, He has come to the bigger more historic club.

  22. @Vojskovoda Bigger? Big teams don’t fight in relegation battles you retard, they fight for titles. Half of his goals come from penalties anyways, I’m gutted he’s going but for the money your stupid enough ro pay for him let’s get the deal done. Makes me laugh at the Villa fans calling themselves bigger, you can’t even fill your ground in a 35,000 capacity you cunt, seems strange he’s leaving for a team that we’ve beaten twice home and away, and we’re 6th, how we’ll laugh when you’re relegated.

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