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  1. he comes forward so often for us he barely scores a goal i feel a bit sorry for him but a great fullback nonetheless

  2. i always mistook erva for nani cos they really look alike especially theire hair and face

  3. @FoveverMUFC yeah, but then again, they might choose marcello or abidale over hem 🙂

  4. @yousefakon To be honest i’m not gonna say any more. Fine Patrice Evra is better now can this be the last comment between us.

  5. @kevin084life It’s doing your head in? thats your problem.
    This ended about 10 months ago, why the fuck come back and carry on? I said he was better yeah, i replied, ONCE, you didn’t reply back, could’ve stayed that way until you come back after 10 months

  6. @yousefakon Oh so it’s me that kept the argument going. If u hadn’t had said he was better i would not have started in the first place u faggot. Now please let this be the last comment between us it’s doing my head in.

  7. @kevin084life LOL ME WAIT FOR YOU?
    Bitch, you actually replied to a comment made 10 months ago? yet you’re telling me i’m childish and immature, you can’t get your facts straight, and you kept this argument going.

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