25 replies on “FIFA 11: How to get noticed on YouTube! ft Kolo Toure By Leester100 (FIFA 11) Sports”

  1. sometimes you have to swear, especially when you’re talking about the vbox2 advanced… ahahaha!

  2. its true what your saying about retweets and stuff, it does make me happy myself lol & very nice commentary and gameplay !

  3. @leester100 Whenever i try to Maradona past people it always goes straight into the defender. However whenever i watch other people’s videos they do it with ease. Got any tips on how to do it easier or is it just luck? I’ll stick to passing it across goal for now anyway…

  4. In order to be playing Fifa or COD all day (on xbox), you need to pass your exams so you can get a job to pay for the fifa

  5. hey leester nice vid m8 i recognised the accent immediately cos im from Bradford as well. Whereabouts in bradford are u from m8? Im from Shipley

  6. @ClowesHD You hold the left trigger/L2, flick the right stick in the direction your player is running, and then flick it again in the direction you want to turn. Trigger-flick-flick. Called a mcgeady turn. or a stop and turn for 4-star skill players such as that one you mentioned.

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