25 replies on “Darren Bent signs for Aston Villa – Press conference”

  1. @LaurenXxHannah thts why villa payed so much for him to help us out of a relagation battle

  2. @XxTheUnmissablexX – He was shagging Brucey’s daughter, Brucey didn’t like.

  3. i swear put darren bent in the real madrid team and they will win the champions league

  4. Fucking traitor! You don’t kiss a Sunderland badge then leave without saying good luck or speaking out!

  5. @amsimon15 there’s always someone that doesn’t quite get the joke.

    & by the way he did score on his debut too

  6. Houllier needs to be sacked let’s face it hes probably one of those managers whos got an eye for buying Titus Bramble.

  7. @WayneFTM reason he gets called for… he never once said anything about sunderland in that confrance untill some 1 brought up, he was talking to villa when the transfer wasnt open, so ye think about it first

  8. Such a miss at Sunderland, wish him all the luck in the world for what he did for Sunderland, unlike all those other ungrateful cunts calling him all the names under the sun. Good luck Darren lad!

  9. LoL wat a shame other fans getting jealous of us have u nothin better 2 do.i guess not

  10. @fuckooo shut ya shit ya dog nonce weve got better palyers than bent and he is a true black doin things for money

  11. Gary Glitter Is Interested In Aston Villa Because They Are Bent Young And Apparently Keane 😉

  12. @wycombebarmy66 last year we had the second best defence next to chelsea, due to collins, dunne and freidel

  13. @drewerysafc1 Yeah, maybe you should be thankful for all the goals he scored for you.

    Sunderland fans are a disgrace, it was afterall, one of you that racially abused Bent’s mother. Just goes to show what a bunch of inbred, degenerate, backward fuck-wits you lot are.

  14. @wycombebarmy66 You’re a think cunt aren’t you.

    You make a pathetic correlation between Bent’s goals and the position of the clubs he has played for. As if he is the reason that those clubs have been relatively ‘mediocre’ over the last 5 years. Yeah right.

    You call Villa a selling club, but given Wengers NET spend it’s impossible to call Arsenal anything but a selling-club. Their policy has been to sign players, SELL them on, and reinvest. Just like Villa are having to do now (e.g. Milner)

  15. @fuckooo yes bent has a better record than current strikers but look where sunderland, charlton, spuds and arseton vile are in the league, and where they have been for the last 15 years!

    When Arsene Wenger retires he’ll be revered for his greatness, to single out a few single mistakes is both naive and moronic. Failing to mention Vieira, Anelka, Henry, Overmars, Petit, Nasri, Fabregas, Pires, ljungberg, Toure, Adebayor, Edu shows what a fairy boy nonce you are. VILLA = SELLING CLUB

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