31 replies on “Kolo Toure explains his decision to join Manchester City”

  1. MAN U city is what hes saying not money city lol. Because united are thebest team in manchester and always will be no matter how much money city have

  2. this video could of been 1:20 shorter just by him telling the truth and saying “i came for the money” so dont give me some bullshit by saying man city are a “willy willy good team”

  3. @Falantouzer it’s frustrating that vermaelen is injured and not played for about 7 months i think this season

  4. @Falantouzer Imagine how great our defense would be if he stayed and gallas would have left best defense EVER

  5. haha yeah right the real reason its one thing-MONEY!
    and its ok we have djourou and vemaelen and squilaci and koscielny

  6. @Cheryl2408 he said ‘man u city’, he corrected him self afterwards, his english isnt very good.

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