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  1. @UTD10MARID9BARCA10 Ramos isn’t that good. Maicon is just bad. He’s had a few good periods in Inter’s treble season but he’s not the best. You obviously don’t watch football. Lahm and Dani Alves are clearly better right backs than Ramos and Maicon. Maicon is good though. His attacking is underated. Same for Alves. His defending is underated. Best left back is probably Evra though. I do prefer Lahm over Evra when he plays left back as Lahm adds a special feel to that position.

  2. @charger619c haha, lacrosse goalie to be exact, something you will never have the balls to play you little san diego fan boy im guessing?

  3. @CalebNelson64 Pretty much the only requirements in American Football are the ability to catch and throw a ball, and being bulky enough to not get crushed by people jumping on you.

  4. @charger619c no it’s not dumbass. One aspect of someones life doesn’t affect an argument about something. That’s like saying “oh you have a macbook? I like Windows better so everything else, related or not, is wrong.”
    See how that doesn’t work?

  5. @CalebNelson64 Who are you to say what the good kind is. There’s you saying that, and then there’s the rest of the world who likes soccer and calls it football. American Football is a bad derivative of real football. That process is like how random pop crap like Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black were derived, in the series of a long process of music change, from rock. I’m not trying to say US Football isn’t good, but it’s basically soccer with hands, more brute force and less hard work and skill.

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  7. @charger619c your retarded, i play American football and even i know its not the “real” football. I dont play soccer, but i give repect to how well they can move up and down the feild with that kind of stamina and ball control. Similar to lacrosse to which i play, constant moving and stick work. Football is 5 seconds of running, then a break. If u mess up bad enough you get to wait on the sideline with water.

  8. I start watching drum corps videos, then i watch soccer videos, then i watch this soccer clip with drumline in the background…my two passion brought together!

  9. Maicon one of the best right backs you say, yet he couldnt lay a tackle on Gareth Bale? during champions league

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