Kolo Looking To Transfer Out

Most players and their fans often share memorable moments on the field.

There is one such moment when Kolo Toure received an ovation from his fans when he, as the number 4 player of Liverpool won against Manchester City on July 30th at 2014. The game had taken place in the Bronx borough in New York at the Yankee stadium.

His form has definitely remained well during the last season as well in Liverpool. There have been others who have declined in performance like Martin Skrtel or Mamadou, who was banned and the team came to rely more heavily on Kolo Toure and other players. The 35 year old Ivorian player was put back into the first team of the Reds and he rose to the occasion during the Europa League that occurred. The team was able to make it to the finals with his contribution and others as well. Last season saw Kolo make about 26 appearances.

Jurgen Klopp however, is not retaining Toure this season as his contract has expired. That has come as a surprise for many, but that could also be something that the defender has wished for. The Premier League, of the season 2003-2004 was a highlight for his achievements. He had become part of the invincible squad of Arsenal. They went through the entire season without losing a single game. He has been capped about 118 times and he has spent about seven years with Arsenal. He then made a big move to Manchester City that occurred in 2009. There was a transfer that happened for him to Liverpool in the year 2013.

Brendan Rodgers is the new Celtic boss who is looking to sign up Kolo in the transfer window that has opened up this summer and is excited about the prospect.