Toure To Join The Celtic Team This Season

Toure is looking at new horizons this season. Having been part of Liverpool he is now looking at moving to Celtic.

The Celtic manager is said to be eyeing Toure in taking him over and giving him a makeover as part of the Scottish Premiership team. Rodgers, who is managing the Celtic team, is looking to get experienced players on the team ahead of the UEFA Champions League qualifier match that is coming up in the month of July. Rodgers has also been familiar with Toure’s skills as he was, his manager when Toure was with Liverpool during the period 2013 to 2015. At that time Toure had made about 46 appearances which were carried out in the course of three consecutive seasons. Toure is considered an International player of Ivorian origin. He has also played for Arsenal as well as Manchester City. He has had several appearances in the English Premier League.

There have been several highlighted achievements for Toure during the course of his career. He had helped his team to obtain the FA CUP as well as win Premier League two times. However, with age, many feel that he is falling behind the young offensive players of his team and that of the opposition. Hence, he might have to spruce up his skills if he wishes to remain competitive on the playing field. The last few appearances have been for Liverpool in the last season of the Premier League. Toure, like all other players, definitely needs the guidance and renewed strategies to step up his skills and take his abilities and experience to the next level. He definitely brings in a lot of experience on the field and teams can learn much from having this Ivorian on their side and his new manager will definitely help him achieve that.