26 replies on “Manchester United’s Patrice Evra & Ji-Sung Park make Chicago-style pizza”

  1. these 2 are the fucking funniest dudes in man united… that’s one of the reasons i love united… they are all like family, having fun and shit, yet keep winning, staying at the top…

  2. @sbradderz
    calm down. Don’t vent your pent up stress on asians just because black is pounding your mom.

  3. @Bribedpayton34 They use corn meal crust too. The best “touristy” place is Giordanos. The best true Chicagoan places are Capris on 87th and Commercial (in the black ghetto) and a place called Papa Joes in Orland Park, IL.

  4. @sbradderz Do you even realize Park, in fact, is not too fond of the song(first one) we have for him. I honestly shouldn’t be sang cuz it puts down one of our players, even if the point of the song is to put the scousers down đŸ˜›

  5. Now i hope when they get back to Manchester they kill M. Glazers son, cut him in pieces with a hacksaw, then feed it to him

  6. Best of friends those two. Go Park and Evra! Two amazing players and great contribution to Premier League….

  7. @speedyvedo99 The ingredients are good but the crust is trash. Trust me I’m a pizza lover and a life-long Chicagoan; I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction.

  8. I don’t like Major league soccer at all. But this is a great channel. Anyone know if Premier league got a channel like this?

  9. Gino’s East is crap. They use a corn meal crust for their deep dish. Try a deep-dish pie made from a white flour crust and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  10. @IBXSmin fuck off u gook, its a man utd song. get a clue u yellow slanty eyed clone. fuck off wop.

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