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  1. Kolo will always be living in hearts of Arsenal hearts .. I myself love Kolo to death ..

  2. Kolo is a great player, he`s so humble, committed. funny and has a gift of course ..
    i had the honor of meeting him in Kuwait.. i swear by god he talked to me just as if i were an old friend of him and that shows how humble Kolo is .. i love you , Toure so much and would like to meet you agian i Kuwait !

  3. I think Toure-Vermaelen centerback is better than Gallas-Vermaelen. Gallas somethimes make big fails…I think Toure is much better than Gallas.. Go gunners!!!

  4. Good riddance to the malaria infected money grabbing idiot…
    He WAS a great player though…no1 can argue with that

  5. i cant get my head round him scoring all these stunning freekicks and hes a centre back!

  6. GOOOOOOOD RIDDANCE, We got 16m For him, and Paid 8.45m For Thomas Vermaelen :))))
    Haha Arsene Wenger does it again.

    I agree Kolo WAS a legend until he joined Man City, the time a player puts on a shirt to defend another club he is no longer considered an Arsenal Legend.

    Frankly, I was tired of Toure’s headers straight in the air and his shin clearances, Now we have THE VERMINATOR.
    Good bye Toure for you are no longer KING KOLO.

  7. Kolo Toure is one of the best defenders in the EPL and in the world.. i hope seeing him one day wearing pompey shirt!

  8. i agree with you if hleb didnt leave he would be class but he spent to much time on th barca bench and it ruined his career

  9. arsene wenger is the best manager in d world!!! hleb regret because he moved to barca..he said wenger is like a father and the best manager in d world..haha..why bergkamp end his career with arsenal?

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