Manchester City star Yaya Toure has donated £100,000 to help the Manchester Arena victims. The Ivorian reportedly made the donation with his agent Dimitri Seluk.

“We want to help the victims – the families of the dead or those who are now in the hospital. I spoke to Yaya on Tuesday and he was very shocked by the terrible news,” Seluk said.

Eighty five people felt the direct effect of the attack when a suicide bomber blew himself at the Arena. Twenty Two died and the rest are injured, come in very critical conditions.

Seluk added that the money would go directly to those that needs it instead of just “somewhere.” He added that Toure was in England so he could present the cheque whenever. He said it was very important that the money got to the “right people.” Toure’s agent said the player was very concerned about the city of Manchester, that he loves the city and its inhabitants.

Many more top Manchester sporting figures have continued to send emotional messages following the attack; David Beckham, Vincent Kompany, Pep Guardiola and many more. Eric Cantona recently joined in sending his message to the families of the victims of the deadly attack.

Already Manchester United and Ajax have paid tribute to the victims despite their Europa League final game in Sweden. Liverpool also did same as with many other football clubs in Europe.