Berlin Matches not Suspended

There has been no change in the scheduling of the next top tier Football match that has to take place in Berlin in spite of the city becoming the subject of a terror incident just hours ago.

The match is to be played between the local club Hertha and Darmstadt 98 and it will go on as scheduled earlier.

However, before the starting whistle, both the teams will keep 60 seconds of mum on the pitch to pay tribute to those who were victimised by the attack.

The Hertha boss Pal Dardai admits that there has been deep sadness and grief in and around the group, but, he reckons when the play gets underway on Wednesday, everyone will have to show the toughness of their character and will have to get through it together.

As per Dardai, Berlin people always have had a lot of unity among them and he is sure that the city will be able to recover from the tragedy.

Meanwhile, Zsolt Petry, who is a part of Dardai’s support staff at Hertha, has revealed that he had also planned to go to that same place on Monday to do some X-mas shopping for himself and his family, but, luckily, at the last second, he changed his plan and remained back at his house, otherwise, he might have fallen victim of the unfortunate incident as well.

While Petry is as devastated as anyone else in Germany right now, he says he is not completely surprised by what happened and he had predicted it much before.

In the opinion of Petry, way too many foreigners from aggressive background were given asylum in Germany which was quite dangerous and had to result in something like this at some point of time.