Kevin Helps City Win This Weekend

Pep Guardiola’s team might be holding angst but Kevin De Bruyne was able to showcase a performance in last weekend’s game that showed evidence that they could be more. The midfielder was able to put in a good performance in the game that was held between Manchester City and Arsenal. The game was held at Etihad Stadium and it was an electrifying game environment.

Many fans were thrilled with the kind of action that was put forward; Kevin put in his performance when he was up against Mattéo Guendouzi of Arsenal. His performance was able to put Manchester City back in the spotlight. There is more expected but the initial break that he provided his team was able to break the tension knot and it also resulted in a defeat of their opponent, the game ending with a score of 3-1.

While the game was going on the fans were fretful of the outcome as well as how the game was being played. The team was playing smooth and in a grooved manner though it was a bad performance. It was evident that the team was in scratchy form and it seemed that a group of players, all skilled and brilliant had suddenly lost all certainty, speed, and nip. City could end up at the bottom of the title race if they play in a nervous and angst form. Pep Guardiola often works on micro details that often bleed away the strength of the club. He is often seen in outrage, being on the edge of the field and stomping his foot in rage. Sergio Aguero takes the headlines for this game since he scored all the goals of this game. Kevin on the other hand, known to be all-rounder midfielder for the team, has some wild and ruggedness in him and he did make some runs in a frantic manner which showed desperation.